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MB Data Consumable * Not available for iPhone and Blackberry Requirements: * Globe/TM selected sim card * Atleast 1 peso load balance.
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Find the prepaid SIM cards that will work best for you when in the Philippines

Text STOP to Good alternative for Globe Free FB:. Globe GoSakto Promos Look for data promos. If you still want to know the procedure on how to use Globe Free FB before, you can read the tutorial below. This will not work for Blackberry devices. Method 1: via Facebook in-app feature button.

TM Text/Call Add-On Promos

To use Facebook with free data, you need to download and launch the latest version of Facebook App. You can also visit www. You will then be prompted to opt in or out of Facebook with free data. You need to opt in so that you can begin browsing Facebook for free. Method 2: via Globe or TM promos. You can use Free FB via your phone browser or with the official Facebook app. Facebook Messenger is included as well. Besides allowing customers to choose their own mobile number, the SIM also allows customers to register to different call, text, and mobile Internet promos.


First you need to have at least pesos of load to start this trick. Don't forget to leave a message before leaving.. Read More. Just show the message you received from TM regarding sim upgrade. Just a few reminder.

Don't share the unique upgrade code to anybody. Memorize or take note of your upgrade code. Your upgrade code is only valid for fifteen 15 minutes. The menu prompt for upgrade code should popup within five 5 minutes-the delay may depend on your phone model.

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Enter the 6-digit upgrade code on the prompt, then press OK. After entering the upgrade code, restart your phone once prompted.

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  • Once the TM sim upgrade process was done, you'll receive this successful confirmation message: "Successful ang upgrade mo sa xxxxxxx. For example, EZ50 FB to It secures users internet connection with SSH Tunnel. Turn On your Mobile Data connection.

    Updated List of TM Promos : Call, Text and Internet Data - NoypiGeek

    Tap the 'Tools'. Tap the 'DNS Changer'. And you will notice two icons will appear on the top, a key and database with shield. That's it, very easy right. Try to browse now. If you are successfully connected to the internet, you're lucky, but if you're not, try to disconnect http injector and mobile data and try to reconnect.

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    If reconnecting didn't still worked. And will also not work for online games.

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    The chance of connecting successfully depends on location. The advantage of creating your OWN. HPI files will guarantee you a fast speed connection and the exact date of the expiration, if your ssh account has an expiration. If you're an Android user, refer to my other post: How To Create. Open your preferred internet browser Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. In this example, US Server was chosen.